ayyemarc365: Day 85 – March 26 Cont’d:  (Andrew P. Hill vs….


Day 85 – March 26 Cont’d: 

(Andrew P. Hill vs. Mitty) : They didn’t look so good when they were warming up at the beginning. They looked a bit sloppy, more like JV status. But then we found out that their other Varsity were getting ready and doing extensive training. Oh well… Every game looked good and everyone played well. Our last match which was Colleen’s match was epic. If she lost, she would have been the ONLY one who would have had lost. Everyone won, meaning we got a total match score of 15 – 0. 15 ANDREW HILL and 0 MITTY. It’s incredible because there has never been a perfect score since Silver Creek back in 2004 ( According to Mr. Mach). Anyways, We were pretty good.

My match was hilarious. The guys were fucking around, we were fucking around. Fuck JV matches, they’re boring af. It’s only good because we befriend people.