Hi there, I am trying to improve on my footwork for Men Singles. I always seem to be one step too late to the birdy which causes me to be in a poor situation which results in being killed or deceived. I also seem to take numerous back steps instead of strides when I move to the back corners while my front net footwork is my easiest/most comfortable. What would be some exercises to improve my footwork that I can do by myself? I have access to a badminton court 24/7.

Being one step too late just depends on how fast you are compared to the enemy and what kind of level of shots you guys are playing so I can’t help you with that in the technical sense because simply I don’t have enough info. Be on the balls of your feet when you are about to move and always step on the heel of you feet FIRST then the toes when u land to do a front court shot. pay attention to your left foot, it should be pushing off and then slowly retracting with your right foot to wherever you go (it will lag a bit behind) and always walk back towards the middle, NOT TO THE MIDDLE, just walk TOWARDS it. The only you are gonna improve is by having a coach watch you do shadow-stepping all day everyday. There is no shortcut.