This is not a question and I apologize if I sound like an asshat. When other people are asking questions about badminton, your answers are kind of vague. You explain the concept or subject of it, but you don’t really mention the process or examples or ideas or references. You’re doing a good job, and you seem like you’re trying your best to answer to the fullest, but maybe incorporate more detail into your answers?

You actually brought up a good point and you are a perfect example of why people don’t improve in something that is very much based on observational learning. Badminton, like any other sport, is a visual-learning sport. No one is going to read an essay (because I can go on forever in your “detail”) about badminton that is written by a random guy on tumblr. Let’s be honest, if you truly wanted detailed coaching you would have already gone out of your way to find a real life coach instead of asking a guy on tumblr. Don’t judge, always seek and learn for yourself.