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Badminton Doubles Lesson of the Day

When you are on the attack, play front and back. DO NOT PLAY side by side. I see so many recreational, club, pretty much anything but competition where they play side by side. This is purely the WRONG WAY to play badminton doubles offence.

Chen Long

Chen Long

Okay so I have a huge badminton tournament com…

Okay so I have a huge badminton tournament coming up as in tomorrow lol I’m really stressing out because I’m playing against college and university students and I’m 15 in high school. So what can I do to relax?

This is a really late reply but I think this is important to anyone who is feeling nervous about anything in the future. Overall practice and preparedness will help with being less nervous. You need to be nervous to a certain point, but not to the point it will hinder your performance. It’s about finding a balance. There are many techniques like breathing, practicing more, going to the tournament to feel for the environment, having people watch you play etc will all come into play and help you in the long run for any nervous, big events.

how good are you? played any tournaments? wher…

how good are you? played any tournaments? where and which? how long have you been playing?

I’m good enough to win regionals, but not provincials or nationals. Our North Shore senior team won the championship for high school for the first time in 58 years I believe. I have played numerous tournaments ranging from regionals to nationals, but now I just play mens doubles primarily at a clubs. I have been playing since 2008, on and off. I’m currently more into training for sports like badminton. With the knowledge I have for badminton, I am very much interested in incorporating athletic + functional movements into my personal training programs.

I love badminton

I love badminton

me too 

The biggest threat of MD all england 2018

The biggest threat of MD all england 2018

Will they win another one?

So how do I fix leaning back

You don’t lean back

What grip should I use for overhead clears so I can do backhand drops, smashes and clears? And btw how should my arm move for these techniques? For forehand shots like drops, smashes and clears, how should I move my arm? I usually take a full swing by bending my arm behind me and snapping my wrist. Thanks

The grips are just different for backhands and forehands, all forehands use the same grip, backhands is a bit different in some cases, but a standard backhand grip will do for most shots. Pronation and Supination of the Forearm is what you are looking for. Swings and Snapping are situational, maybe sometimes you just wanna snap when you are doing a net kill etc.

I lean slightly back but it’s not enough to bother me, probably just about 2cm back

I don’t think there is a good reason to lean back (?) unless the birdie is behind you in which case you are probably in a losing position already. 

What backhand grips do I do for certain situations? I’ve been putting my thumb like a pan for all my shots and it doesn’t feel right.

u can choose to put it on the main big side, or the small sides, depending on the shot you want to execute or CAN execute. what exactly doesn’t feel right? you have to be way more specific than that